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Are there other fritillary besides snakeshead please? Thank you.

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Are there other fritillary besides snakeshead please?



Loads. Most are hardy, some requiring sharper drainage than the snake's head (Fritillaria meleagris) to which you refer. Some are quieter in their style, and some are spectacular - fritillaria imperialis, common name "Crown Imperial" is a 4 - 5ft eyecatcher.

9 Nov, 2013


Thank you.We do have a picture of the one I'm interested in but no idea how to post it in here.Thank you for your answer,

9 Nov, 2013


Just a few, probably over 500.

9 Nov, 2013


If you look on the A-z at the foot of the page choose F and then fritillaria you will find hundreds of photos of different ones. Tell us which page you found it on and we can have a look at it. I hope you manage to sus how to add photos soon. I go to my name click on it to get a drop down menu and click on add photo. A new menu opens up inviting you to add photos. Go down to browse and you will find a list of files in your computer, then click on the photo file you want to upload. It has to be between 5kb and 3mb. My camera frequently produces photos which are over 4mb so I edit them or put them in a Powerpoint programme as a slide. Then save as a jpeg picture. Pm me if that is too complicated. I do not usually give photo advice here. Welcome to GOY

9 Nov, 2013


Hope this link will work, thank you Scotsgran my problem is the only image I have is this one on Flickr.

<a href="" title="DSC01058 (1)bee (756x800) by madindie, on Flickr"><img src="//" width="472" height="500" alt="DSC01058 (1)bee (756x800)"></a>

16 Nov, 2013 has lots of alliums which I think may be what the photo shows. They also have lots of Frits so you can choose which you want. Use the link I have given to find out which one you want. If you do not want seeds Google RHS Plant finder and put in the name you have found and you will be able to find out who has bulbs or plants in your area.

17 Nov, 2013

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