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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

My bay tree, which my wife grew from a cutting donkey's years ago is over 2 m tall and almost too large to put in my small greenhouse over Winter.
I have one of those huge builder's sacks that they deliver sand and gravel in ( about 1 cubic metre). Should I put this over the top when it gets very cold ? Or will it do more harm than good ?




what a wonderful cutting , I have two bays stay out all winter, I keep close to the house and out of any strong winds especially when its very frosty, you can buy a fleece bag which lets light and air through which I only put on when snow is on its way or minus temperature that go on for days but not the odd night or two , the bag you have already you could use to wrap around the pot to stop the roots from freezing and the pot cracking , you could use for emergency but I wouldn't leave on for more than a couple of days.
I would also make sure the pot doesn't get waterlogged and I have noticed you have it on feet which is ideal , every autumn all the bottom of my pots are checked over and I use a piece of bamboo to push in to make sure they are not blocked up.

Hope this helps a little

10 Nov, 2013


Thanks very much Gg, I'd never thought of wrapping the pot. I'll do as you suggest.

11 Nov, 2013


What a lovely shape, well done you!

11 Nov, 2013


hi hank
I wrap mine up for the winter and Xmas - you can see it in my photos. I use hessian vegetable sacks with a nice green print and then add a a big red bow closer to Xmas. I also have the fleece bags to pop over if the snow arrives. Your bay is beautiful - mine are tiny by comparison!

12 Nov, 2013


Thanks S. and V., it's the only "decorative" thing in my garden, but I am quite proud of it. I had others but they weren't a patch on this one.

13 Nov, 2013

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