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As anyone ever heard of or used David Austin START food and David Austin Rose Food if so are they worth buying.



I'm sure they are very 'good' and a well-balanced plant food, but bear in mind that any branded product like this is going to cost far more than the basic nutrients needed for roses, or anything else.

This is advice from a discussion about what makes a good rose food:

"The most 'correct' choice of rose food is determined by a thorough soil
analysis. This will tell you what nutrients are already in the soil as well
as which are insufficient.

Depending on the soil pH 'lock up' may occur which prevents nutrients from
being available, a common practive in these cases is to apply a LOT of the
unavailable nutrient. Supplemental iron is often added in alkaline
conditions, lime is added in acid soils.

In a previous response, fish emulsion was suggested. I believe that this
product is an acceptable supplement occasionally, however it frequently has
a very high salt content that I prefer to avoid.

IMHO the best general practice is to feed the soil and let the soil feed the
plants. Healthy soil is the very best food source you can have. "

In other words, no matter how good the David Austin formula is, if it's not appropriate to your soil, it might do little to help, especially if your soil is unbalanced by being too alkaline or too acid.

1 Mar, 2010


Brilliant explanation Bertiefox...:>)

1 Mar, 2010


David Austin START is actually a mychorrizal fungus that associates itself with the roots of the plant. When you plant the rose (and yes, it's only for use when planting new roses) you have to make sure that the pellets make contact with the roots. It germinates and colonises the root system forming a symbiotic relationship with the plant for the rest of it's life so only one application is needed. The fertilizer has been very adequately explained by Bertie.

1 Mar, 2010

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