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How do i prune my Wisteria? It usually produces beautiful fragrant purple cascades in June - July but hasn't fared too well this year and has a baldy bit in the middle with very sparse leaves! We live in County Down and have had two terribly harsh winters in a row. Would pruning it back help it and if so how would I go about it? Any help from those more knowledgeable would be most appreciated as i am a keen but somewhat inexperienced gardener!



I've pruned my wisteria religiously for years until it built up a serious amount of flowering spurs. Here's how.

At the end of july/beginning of august, cut any long growth back to about 6 buds.

In Febuary, cut those shoots back further to 2 buds. do this every year.

As for now, i would wait until Feb then cut any growth you don't want, back to 2 to 3 buds. You might not get any flowers on them next year but they should make the start of the flowering spurs you need.

12 Nov, 2013

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