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should I use fleece. or bubble wrap, to cover my 20 echium plants,which are 2 feet tall. or should I build a bubble rap fence around them.I have only managed to winter these plants once, in ten years. Brian L



I would build a frame around it and cover It this is the best form of protection - Not saying it will survive - but at least give it a sporting chance - Ken

14 Nov, 2013


I would use bamboo sticks to make a frame then use chicken wire to form a frame around the bamboo, then fill that with straw and cover the wire itself at the top with bubblewrap. That way you have insulation and cover from rain. Do not let the bubblewrap touch the plants.

14 Nov, 2013


Thanks, Ken and Kilermorie for your sound advice, I will certainly try this. fingers crossed.

14 Nov, 2013

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