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my small blogs seem to disappear why?is someone flagging me if so i don,t understand why i do not antagonize anyone i think i behave quite reasonably apart from a little harmless humour between us ,well that was my intention please if anyone is mad at me please say so and i will apologise and i will throw away all humour in my body and soul steve



Being flagged does not mean automatic withdrawal of a blog etc.
Blogs are only removed after being flagged if the boys agree they should be removed and I believe they also would talk to you about the reason for deleting.
Its more likely to be a glitch in the system so why not speak to the boys and they will look into it and fix it for you.

14 Nov, 2013


I don't understand it either. It could be just something wrong with the site.
I know some people have had their comments appear under a different name lately, so maybe there's some fault with the site itself.
Are you sure you haven't deleted it by mistake ? I didn't see anything wrong with it myself.

14 Nov, 2013


Don't you dare throw your humour away Snoop. I'm sure you couldn't have offended anybody.

15 Nov, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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