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How do I store my Lily bulbs over winter because I'm moving I don't have a photo



I usually leave mine in the pots of fresh compost and barely damp until spring when I start watering them to bring them on into growth.

if you cant keep them individually potted and you don't mind them getting mixed up them pop them into one biggish pot until spring. then repot as and where you want them.

16 Nov, 2013


I am not an avid fan of the Lily - but I do remember in my early days about them having to be kept moist - So on saying that - I would lift them - clean them up and repot them in fresh compost (moist) - place them in a cool place (away from frost) - then plant in there place when the weather warms up - I'm sure if I am wrong people will put me right (lol) - Ken

18 Nov, 2013

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