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By Sanbaz

staining blackpool, United Kingdom Gb

can someone plez tell me which way i put my begonia bulbs in, smooth side up or dimple side up, may sound daft but ive never grown my own before, :o)



see below

Fill seed tray with potting compost.

To obtain the earliest flowers, start the tubers off by sprouting them in a seed tray or box of damp general purpose potting compost in February or March. Space them 2in (5 cm) apart and bury them in the potting compost so that the top side is just covered with a surface layer of peat.

The top side of the tuber can be identified as it is concave,(curved or hollowed inward) whereas the bottom is convex. Even so, it is not always immediately obvious, so look for the scar left by the previous year's stem which is on the top side. You may also notice the new minute buds by the side of the scars, which will give this year's plant growth.

2 Mar, 2010


hi arlene and thanx for the info and addvice, will do that today, hope they grow lol, ive always bourght the plants ready but it gets so expensive doing that each year, thanx for your help ;o))

2 Mar, 2010


And if you really can't tell which is top and which is bottom, Sandra, plant them on their side. True, the stem just bends itself upwards as it leaves the tuber,

2 Mar, 2010


thankyou mr, mb, thats a good tip :o))

2 Mar, 2010


I am sure that you will be successful with the tubers. I must start mine off this weekend. I bet you find yourself staring at the top of the tubers each day for the first signs of sprouting !

3 Mar, 2010


lol im sure your right there pm :o)

3 Mar, 2010


can I add another tip? When you are watering them, try not to wet the top of the tuber cos if too much moisture sits in the middle of the concave area they will go mouldy.

20 Mar, 2010


thanx rachelsmum, ive been carefull and two out of three are shooting im pleased to say, hopefully the other will flollow :o)

20 Mar, 2010

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