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By Demi63

Australia Au

some of my leaves have a curling look to them it has only happened this year have been good for four years, what is the problem

On plant agapathus



Hi Demi and welcome to GoY. Sorry you are going to need to be a bit more specific to start with what plant/shrub/tree have you got that has curling leaves?

17 Nov, 2013


LOL my toes curle in the winter to lol

17 Nov, 2013


Hi Moon growe, my plant with the curly looking leaves is an agapathus.

17 Nov, 2013


Okay so are you growing in the ground or in a container - in what sort of conditions? Have you been giving the plant the same care as usual over the past months?

17 Nov, 2013


Damage from herbicide sprays that drift onto the agapanthus foliage includes curling, cupped leaves and brown or dead spots on the leaves. These symptoms mimic a number of other disease and pest problems. To determine if the plant was damaged by herbicide, check the leaves for the appearance of a spray pattern. Damage typically occurs within two days of the nearby application of herbicide. The treatment of herbicide damage depends on the type of herbicide and the extent of the damage and includes allowing the plant to recover on its own while reducing any stresses to it, such as lack of water and fertilizer.

Look at - This is were I got this information from

17 Nov, 2013


Even the steaks curl in Australia ;o)

17 Nov, 2013


lol Myron!

17 Nov, 2013

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