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What should i plant to replace the dead ivy i just removed?

Taking full advantage of some great sunshine and dry weather yesterday, I set out to remove the dead Ivy. Didn't quite realise how much dead was there and revealed an unvarnished fence. Now have a gaping great hole which i need to cover. Any idea's what would look nice and grow quite fast?




By the look of the ivy that's left growing, it won't be long before it covers that area again anyway, and if you didn't dig the soil beneath, it's likely its full of ivy roots too. Better check that out first by digging the area, I think, before planting anything else.

2 Mar, 2010


Agree with Bamboo looks like that ivy is stil alive and will keep growing!

2 Mar, 2010


Plus I forgot to mention the fact that there's a Rhus typhina in front of it all which will make that corner pretty dim and dark during the summer when its in full leaf - ivy might be the best thing, it won't mind that.

2 Mar, 2010

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