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I found an amazing plant growing in wasteland in a monestry in Andalucia . It had asmall white flower with 6 petals a bit like a buttercup and the leaves were dark and shiny with 3 fingers a bit like a sycamore leaf shape but smaller . But the most interesting bit was a large egg shaped seed pod growing on a separate stem from the flower and when I touched the underside of it it catapulted away at high speed . This happened with 3 of them but when my husband tried he touched it with a key and nothing happened . Have you any idea what this plant is ? I'll try to attach the photo for you to see . Thanks .Pamela

Image Image



I have no idea , Geri , but it certainly looks interesting , someone will come on soon to enlighten you .
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17 Nov, 2013


I think it could be Ecballium elaterium (Squirting Cucumber)

17 Nov, 2013


I'd go for it too. it has one of the fastest seed releases of any plant. [faster than a lot of animals too]!

17 Nov, 2013


Thanks everyone for your help . I've checked out the website and am absolutely sure you are right . It's the squirting cucumber . So glad I came across this website . . Great result .

19 Nov, 2013

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