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hi there. I am thinking of trying to grow white mushrooms , am i wasting my time and money?.I have a cold frame with soil in the bottom, with a perspex side and top. I have seen the spores on ebay. do mushrooms have a season are they perpetual. many thanks grandadpic



you will need some were cool and dark - like under the spare cupboard but does not get hot (COOL IS THE WORD) get some sterile compost put a few inches over a clean large shallow pan - Then just mist the surface until wet - Sprinkle your spores the surface as even as possible - give another light spray of water - cover with some brown paper - keep them moist - once they start to grow cover with a light dusting of ritch clay soil - lift the mushrooms before the caps open trying not to disturb the immature ones next to it - Good luck - I grew them once but found them to much trouble to be honest -- Ken

18 Nov, 2013


I've tried with kits twice and failed both times but nothing venture nothing win. No use in a cold frame though. Whether they will come again depends on where they are growing - in the wild they often grow year by year but I think grown at home you'd need to replant. You get several "flushes" and then they stop.

18 Nov, 2013

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