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I stumbled upon a page on your website while researching for a sculpture that I'm creating for next year's exhibition at the Scottish Sculpture Park at Caol Ruadh. The article was from 2010 and was at this link...

The reason for my interest is that my work will attempt to grow native plants over a corten steel structure in a similar manner to the 'Reinforcing Nature' exhibit at the Gardening Scotland show in 2010.

I would love to contact anyone involved in the planting for this project as they might be able to help me on the choice of plants that would be able to grow on the steel.

Any pointers in the right direction would be tremendous!

Many thanks,
Chris Muirhead



try Ivy it bloody grows everywere - Ken

19 Nov, 2013


Hello Chris and thank you for noticing my blog. I have a picture of the certificate awarded to this stand but, unfortunately, it has a steel reinforcing rod lying over the relevant bit!!!!!
However, all is far fom lost. I know one of the judges on duty that day and she can undoubtedly give me the information that you want. I have sent her a copy of the picture and made my request.

19 Nov, 2013


Hello Chris,
The garden was for an Edinburgh company called Water Gems. I have sent you the contact details in a Private Message.

20 Nov, 2013

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