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unusual foxglove


By Philh

United Kingdom Gb

i have a number of standard purple foxgloves in my garden they have self seeded for years.This year one of them appears quite different.The flower at the top of the plant is not trumpet shaped and pointing down like the rest,it has opened uo into a disc shape,it is 5 or 6 times as big as the others and has a large center point(stamen?) is this a common occurance with foxgloves?




Definitely not common. If it is a genetic mutation and not as a result of damage to the flower then it may be worth attempting to collect seeds from it and seeing if the next generation repeat the flowering form. If you have lots of Foxgloves then remove all but that flower from the plant so you stand a good chance of getting seed with that alteration.

13 Jun, 2008


thanks for the reply,i have been told it could be a peloric foxglove

25 Jun, 2008

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