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has anyone any idea why blackbirds peck at my aubretia pulling bits out ?
it is only aubretia that they do it to. is it for nests or are there little "beasties" hiding in it that they eat?



Hi Helen, I think that it could be either, my blackbirds have been very active as its warmed up a little here, theyll be after my crocus as soon as they open-- only the yellow ones of course :o)

2 Mar, 2010


They do the same with my phlox subulata,testing each piece till a bit comes away.They usually fly off with a piece,so most likely nesting material.Spring isn't that far away :)))

2 Mar, 2010


Yes, I would agree that nesting material is very likely...
Maybe leave something around which they might prefer... moss.. etc.
in the hope they might choose that instead...

Adding to GoYpedia Aubrieta.... thanks, Helen. :o)

2 Mar, 2010


thanks everyone - i'll try your idea TT - I usually pick up the bits they drop and replant if possible

2 Mar, 2010


Even a pot of wet compost would be quite tempting for the blackbirds for nesting material... I know this because in my back garden, the blackbirds in springtime dig damp compost out of my outdoor plants in pots.... turfing out the compost and the plants.... they don't care which ones... Lol.

2 Mar, 2010


it just fascinates me that in my garden it is only aubretia [in 3 different places in garden] that they touch. I,ll let you know if any of your suggestions work ... lol

2 Mar, 2010

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