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poinsettias, I have bought a wee mini one and its in a teenie wee pot with a big massive flower, not doing too good, any suggestions??



you could repot it into a bigger pot if you are desperate. They are usually discarded after Christmas so it may not be worth while.

22 Nov, 2013


I'm just getting mine in. The problem with much of the shop bought stuff is you don't know how long they've sat in store, uncared for, and you then get the result. They hate cold draughts and falls in temperature. As SBG says, get another, fresh one

24 Nov, 2013


I dread to watch all those plants in trolleys pushed across the carpark in the teeth of a freezing gale!

24 Nov, 2013


I always buy mine in Tesco - they have a note on the top of the packet which says 'guaranteed until 6th January'. Last year, I took back 3 different ones, but only paid for the original. Lord knows what they do to them these days, but you're lucky if they last more than week. I bought one 3 days ago and its already dropping leaves and looking very sorry for itself. I feel another trip to Tesco coming on...;-)

25 Nov, 2013

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