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Hello: I would like to know the name of this blue flower. Some consider it a weed, others call it a wild flower. I found it growing in the Peoples' Garden at Riverside Park in New York City. The pic was taken just a few days ago. I'm not sure if it was a weed growing in the garden or if somebody actually planted it.

It's rather ubiquitous here in New York State. It's usually found along highways, roadsides, open undeveloped fields and such like. I love the color. If you can identify it's name that would be great! Thank You.

Paul aka Bathgate




Ageratum (Floss Flower) perhaps?

23 Nov, 2013


You are right on it Shirley! Thanks a bunch! :)

23 Nov, 2013


I use it for summer bedding!

23 Nov, 2013


Summer bedding? What do you mean? Do you stuff a mattress with it or just sleep on it out in the field?

23 Nov, 2013


I took my Ageratums out today as they have died off in the frost ... mind you they had flowered for most of the Summer ... :o)

23 Nov, 2013


just in case you genuinely don't know Bathgate, summer bedding is a term for planting annuals in a flower bed to flower all summer long. we then take them out and compost them in the autumn.

I grew pink ones 2 years ago. they made a nice change from the blue.

23 Nov, 2013


Thanks for clarifying Seaburngirl. I guess here in the US we use terms differently. I think it's funny.

23 Nov, 2013


I think it's funny too Paul :o) just shows how we differ in descriptions of things..I never thought of summer bedding in that context ! Lol..good one :o)
We had better not even start on the many different dialects we have,even from the same County !

23 Nov, 2013


If you make a mistake when using a pencil, don't ask an American if they have a rubber. LOL.

23 Nov, 2013


OK we aren't even going there!

24 Nov, 2013


Bathgate, you really made me laugh. Would you believe I had never thought of summer bedding in a bedroom context??? (Sorry Sandra, just noticed you said almost the same thing!) What do you call the equivalent in NY?

Lol Myron, never thought of a connection between those two either!

24 Nov, 2013


it made me laugh as well Sue..and Myron,you are a naughty boy! :o)..and Paul,we also have winter bedding..Viola's.Pansies,Polyanthus,Primula's,for starters..and I'm not talking thick Duvets ! but we have those in the bedroom,and not to protect our plants..Lol

24 Nov, 2013


Come on Paul,time you were up ! it's almost 7am where you are..we have been on here for ages !..and Good Morning,for when you do surface Lol.

24 Nov, 2013


I love Goy xxx

What other site could give you such a don't tell me Thats means something else over the pond?

24 Nov, 2013


Steragram you make me feel like such a country bumpkin. Now I understand what you mean, I make myself laugh by seeing how way out in left field I am! LOL. Wow!

It's amazing how little words can make such a big difference. Here, we would have just worded it differently - I use it for a cover crop, or ground cover. When you say "bedding" I'm thinking of exactly that - pillows and warm quilts. I know people use to make beds by stuffing hay and straw into beds. I thought you did the same thing with Ageratums. Who knew? I'm not one to judge.

P.S. We are bracing for our first winter storm so naturally I'm thinking about warm bedding.

Good morning Sandra! Today is Sunday so I give myself an extra hour or so in bed. Are you getting ready for you trip? Sounds exciting and I hope you take lots of pictures.

24 Nov, 2013


No, we use straws for drinking thorough.

24 Nov, 2013


You are entitled to an extra hour or two Paul.I know you work very hard..I tend to forget a lot of us have much more leisure time than you..and you know we laugh with you,not at you..but it was funny :o)
See how more join in,when there is some humour? that's another reason we love this site..All packed,and ready to go now..and Carole and I will be posting blogs and photo's when we get back..especially of Warwick Castle,which is on our Itinerary..take care,and I hope your snow storm isn't too serious..get that winter bedding ready ! Lol.

24 Nov, 2013


Hey Sandra. You know now I'm an Irish-American, so humor is in my DNA. I can take it and I can dish it out, LOL! I'm always ready for a good laugh and love people who are also. It's nice to have a place to unwind and not be too serious all the time. The more the better.

24 Nov, 2013


I gathered that Paul,or I wouldn't do it otherwise,..welcome to our world ! Lol..

24 Nov, 2013


Sorry you felt like a country bumpkin Bathgate -lots of us live in the country as well so you aren't alone! I always think the best road in any big city is the road out of it...
I do love the idea of stuffing matresses with ageratums, but it might be nicer to stuff them with lavender.

25 Nov, 2013


No worries Steragram. I laugh at myself more then anybody. It really is funny when I go back and read what I wrote and I sounded so serious too! Are you kidding me?? LOL!

Sandra: I absolutely love castles and would like for you to post many many pictures of Warwick and any other castle you visit. Can you also give a short description of each castle?

I've visited a few castles on my journeys to England - Windsor, Rochester, Buckingham Palace, King Henry the VIII's house where he chased Catherine around through the maze outside, etc.

We don't have many castles here in the US - so they are rather intriguing. We only read about them in fairy tales, but rarely ever get to see a real one.

Oh and the snow storm is already biting down on us and will get worse before it's over. This one is only the first of many yet to come. If this one isn't too bad, the next one will be. I've already done my shopping so tomorrow it's a roast ham in the oven with sweet potatoes and home made apple pie - that's how I deal with the storms!

Thank you and have a safe and wonderful trip. I wish I were going!


26 Nov, 2013


We're back,and had an wonderful time,Paul..good weather too.Warwick Castle is amazing..and we spent almost three hours there..and still didn't see everything..but we will go back at some point,to see the rest..It will take at least two blogs with Photo's as I took so many,with the accompanying descriptions and information,as I wouldn't have remembered them otherwise.!
Same in Stratford upon on previous occasions we only had brief visits to the riverside area..but had a full day this time..just fantastic seeing the old original buildings..
Hope your snow storm wasn't too bad..I haven't seen any TV at time:o) I liked the sound of your lovely meal :o) ..back to reality again...(sigh) x

29 Nov, 2013


Hi Sandra:

Welcome back. You sound refreshed. I'm looking forward to seeing your blogs. Sounds like you really needed some time away. I'm glad you had an exciting time. I really love castles and will be looking for those photos especially. The storm is over and still very very cold. BRRrrr. Thanksgiving was very nice. I went to my sister's where the whole family gathered. I may have eaten too much, but spent some extra time at the gym. Everybody made their best dishes and desserts.

Paul X

29 Nov, 2013


I'm glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving day with your family..nice to indulge now and did we,but someone had to do it ! Lol..I will try to make a start before long,on the Castle etc..mundane tasks to attend to first,laundry etc...boring!! x

30 Nov, 2013


you are really funny. I think we should all stuff at least one pillow with different bedding plants and have a comparison. We will only imagine the smells, maybe better than they sound. Roses and lavender and a bit of oil to bring out the smell.... I am in the process of concocting some bathsalts. Using rose petals on top. not too many.

This probably won't interest the men, but for the women they know, maybe.

14 Dec, 2013

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