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To all begonia growers- I have never tried starting off my new tubers in compost/perlite in the DARK (indoors) Is this recommended? Or not advisable?....



I'm not a Begonia expert, but I can't imagine why one would start them off in the dark - I'm not even sure they'd grow anyway, and even if they did, the growth would be white, spindly and weak.

3 Mar, 2010


put your corms up to the shoulders in the compost and keep warm, light and moist, avoid water in the 'dish' of the corm as it will causw rotting totally agree with Bamboo they need the light

3 Mar, 2010


I've only ever grown them on a window sill to start them off never in the dark - are you confusing them with other bulbs?

3 Mar, 2010


We put begonia tubers right on the surface of the soil/compost, partly to stop them rotting, but mainly, I believe, because they respond to light and heat to come back into growth. In my experience of 'sprouting' begonia tubers, the new shoots start to photosynthesise as soon as they begin growing so I would think putting them in the dark would be a very bad idea.

3 Mar, 2010


OK -OK sorry.....and thanks for the info.
Do you all think I should bring them up proud of the compost and stand on a sunny window (indoors of course)?

3 Mar, 2010


Some people put them on the surface, some about half way into the compost. Both ways are OK. Why not try out both and see if either has better results ?
I have just bought some tubers today as a back up incase the overwintered ones don,t do too well.

3 Mar, 2010


I always bury mine no more than 1/2 buried and one pot got placed on an undershelf. it grew very leggy and despite being put back in full sun they didnt do very well.

3 Mar, 2010


we did our begonia's for the first time last year, filled a tray up of moist compost
and sat the tubers on top, made sure the compost never went dry and bobs your uncle they came to life!
Absoloutly gorgeous flowers for a little bit of effort!

3 Mar, 2010

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