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i have to acers in my garden but they are growing to high and blocking my window light out, would i be able to trim the height as i love the acers



What kind of Acers?

25 Nov, 2013


We have a similar problem with Acer palmatum (Japanese acer) in front of the sitting room window. It is a super shrub in summer when in foliage and, at the moment, it looks like a Christmas tree decorated with dozens of goldfinches waiting their turn at the feeders. However, in summer it does block out a lot of the view.
Don't know just how we will tackle it yet but I expect a lot of thinning this winter and see how it looks next summer. Reducing the height of acers does not really work as they just produce a lot of twiggy growth and look untidy. In the long term I suspect the correct solution would be to remove it altogether and replace with a new one.

26 Nov, 2013


Exactly the advice I was going to give.
Pruning of most trees and shrubs increases the production of new growth.

26 Nov, 2013

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