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hi these sweet peas i have grown in a cold shed window they dont look to bad but i dont no what to do next do i repot them if so what size pots will i need and will i need to pinch the tops out thanx

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I would pop them into a bigger pot with as little root disturbance as possible. I would also pinch out the top 4 leaves to encourage side shoots.

3 Mar, 2010


I think that if you pinch the tops it stops them from growing upwards, and makes them produce side shoots. So what do you want them to do?

3 Mar, 2010


Yes i agree, you should pinch out the tops to encourage more side growth and bushiness, you really can't plant them out till at least a good month and a bit yet so pinching them out will buy them a bit of time until better weather comes to stay!

3 Mar, 2010


thanks to all

3 Mar, 2010

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