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By Motinot

down, Ireland Ie

A lady friend who owns a pub has given me a large bag of coffee grounds she has collected from the coffee she makes for her customers.....I know coffee is good for the soil and that slugs dont like it and worms love it....Can i put it around the plants straight from the bag?..thanks...:>)



Hi Motinot...

I wrote a blog on 16th Nov..09 entitled
I'll drink to that.... going bananas....
Some of the members' comments on that thread might be of help...

6 Mar, 2010


Thanks very much for directing me to your blog TT....brilliant, lots of good info, not only coffee grounds, but the bananas too..isnt GOY wonderful....:>)

6 Mar, 2010


Glad to have been of help, Motinot...
..and don't forget the teabags..LOL. :o)

6 Mar, 2010


lol....I have always composted the tea bags Tt...but i didnt open them first....the bag itself seems to be harder to compost and there are always loads of them in my bin....Now i have the solution...Thanks again Tt....:>)

6 Mar, 2010



6 Mar, 2010

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