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My Magnolia Stellata appears to be dying


By Smudge

United Kingdom Gb

My Stellata appears to be dying. It had an abundance of flowers when I bought it but only a handful of leaves followed and the branches now appear to be dying. This was an expensive purchase and I am trying to preserve it, can you help?

On plant Magnolia stellata



I tried twice to grow this in my garden, and I thought that I did all the right things but they just died and I wondered if they didn't like the soil.

14 Jun, 2008


I'm afraid I didn't succeed with one, either. My soil is neutral loam. I think they prefer a more acid soil. I had one in Kent on clay and it flourished!

14 Jun, 2008


I found your question whilst searching for information about why my M.stellata has just decided to die. Mine is (was?) over 20 years old, growing in semishade in a fairly good, slightly alkaline, loam. It flowered well, as usual, this year - a bit of frost damage to the flowers but nothing untoward - then in early June it started to look sickly and now looks on its last legs. I suspect drought - we're on the NW coast and the spring was very dry - no real rain for six weeks. It apparently comes from a boggy area of Honshu so probably doesn't like drying out. Whether it will come back now it has started to rain in earnest? I've mulched it with garden compost. If it looks like recovering I'll post another message. We also have lost a Cornus capitata which often got drought stressed so lack of water must be a prime suspect.

26 Jun, 2008


My sympathies to all .... mine had lots of flowers this years, but then the foliage was light green with brown dry tips. I asked the local garden center they think it is a nutrient defincency and suggested Millers 20-20-20 spray on fertilizer, also some Sequestren (guess I got the canons out) ..... any how seems now to do somewhat better and is setting buds. I watered plenty I guess, unless the Thuia next to it, which crows like mad has sucked up all the nutrients???
I would hate to loose it.
This summer was VERY windy here hardly a day without wind, which is unusual. My Cornus had also trouble, as well as the Acers, but till now I am thinking of wind damage???

17 Oct, 2008


My Magnolia Stellatta was planted in early June this year. It appeared to be thriving but recently all the leaves have died. However, it appears that they are being replaced by new growth, some of which are now 1/2 inch long silvery "buds".
What has an is happenning, please.

16 Aug, 2009

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