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when do I plant begonias in hanging baskets



You could start them off now, frost free in small individual pots, dont cover them with too much soil...when they are well sprouted, plant them up in your baskets, hang them out when all fear of frost has gone...keep well watered and fed through summer...After flowering, take them indoors, dry them off, store frost free and start again next spring.....:>)

7 Mar, 2010


Unless you mean bedding begonias that are not corms - these are available as plug plants at this time of year, you'd need to keep them frost free under shelter, plant out into baskets around mid May and place outside at the end of May. Discard at the end of the season.

7 Mar, 2010


That also answers my question - I have some hanging begonia corms & was wondering when to start them off. Thanks

7 Mar, 2010

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