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what plant


By Roger

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

can anyone tell me what this plant is, I think it has come from Gotland Sweden originally




Hi Roger, really quite stumped but I would hazard a guess at a type of Solenostemon or possibly Quercus (oak tree)... two very different plants but it is the best I can do. Do you know if it is an indoor plant? That would rule out Quercus!!

18 Sep, 2007


Hello Joey, thanks for your answer it is much appreciated. It is not an oak and i have looked up the Solenostemon and I dont think it is that either, I have put a close up picture of the leaf for you, It is very like a Chrysanth leaf but verigated and has quite a dark purple edge to the leaves and the top part of the stem if that helps. Thanks Roger

19 Sep, 2007


Is it a houseplant or meant for the garden?

19 Sep, 2007


I am sooo stumped by this one Roger - none of my books are coming up with it either... I will keep an eye out for you though! I am slightly stuck on the idea that it might grow to be quite big one day....

21 Sep, 2007

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