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By Johnp58

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb


Last week I was given a small white cyclamen in a small plastic pot which is doing fantastically well on a table near our patio window. My question is.....after it has finished flowering would it survive and even flourish planted in the garden under trees?
Amy advice of tips welcome.



Probably not if it was one bought from a florists or supermarket.

The Cyclamen you have is possibly C. persicum and are not hardy. They like it very cool and frost free.

You can get garden Cyclamen....C. coum flowers in spring whereas C. hederafolium flowers late summer

27 Nov, 2013


What you have is probably what the Garden Centres call mimi-cyclamen and, as badfish says, is a form of C. persicum which comes from the Eastern Mediteranean.
They are best kept in a cool but frost free place with plenty of light.

27 Nov, 2013


nothing to lose only your (plant) i plant all mine out with no failures.

27 Nov, 2013


I suppose I will loose it I may give it a go and plant it out.....nothing ventured nothing gained.

27 Nov, 2013


Absolutely, and who knows what will happen if we have a mild winter and it has a good mulch of leaves. Go for it and good luck

27 Nov, 2013


Shame to risk it I think. They are so easy to keep on a north facing windowsill away from a radiator. Stand it on a saucer of grit and water the grit rather than the pot. Mine's been flowering almost continuously for about six years(with short rests to get its breath back)

27 Nov, 2013


I needed some small cut flowers and the only things about were the miniature cyclamen in the gh, so I cut some as a test and three days later they looked fine, I didn't know they were a cut flower!
You could stand yours in a cool shady dryish spot for the summer then bring indoors at the first sign of frost.

28 Nov, 2013


I ve kept these small ones going for 5yr s now by keeping them in a cool conservatory. watered and fed through out the winter until the spring and then allow them to dye back. kept cool until august then they are watered and started off into growth.

28 Nov, 2013

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