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HI I wonder if you can help me.?
I had vine weevil in my pots of lilliums I have emptied the corms ? Out and there are vine weevils in the compost (white grubs with a brown head) can I spread the compost on the garden ? Will the grubs die ? If not will they eat the roots of the garden plants or cause any other problems. Or to be safe shall I take it to the tip? (Approx 80 litres.)
Kind regards TREVOR



I NEVER keep compost with vine weavil grubs in it, Trevor. You can try and find the grubs and feed them to the birds but you are never be sure that you have them all or that that there are not some eggs in the compost.

27 Nov, 2013


hi trevor what i would do is to sive your compost with a fine sive it will separate the weevils , which are easily seen, then you can add compost to your garden, yes they would feed on roots in your garden.

27 Nov, 2013


Thanks for your replies, to be safe a trip to the local council tip I shall be taking.
Kind regards trevor

27 Nov, 2013


They ate the roots of my beautiful Obsidian heuchera and didn't touch anything else in the tub....emergency dash for Provado.......

28 Nov, 2013


I'd spread the compost out for the birds and the frost to sort it. In the garden, under some shrubs, they'll do no significant harm, even if they survive.

28 Nov, 2013


I do what Hortum does, but I hand search it first, if they are definitely present and the robin soon comes down and has feast. Eggs can be treated with a tar based product that is not allowed to advertise that it is an insecticide, by EU rules. It is advertised as a cleansing product Armillatox. Water it over spread out compost to try and kill any eggs.

29 Nov, 2013

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