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Is a siring tree at anytime poison to people or animals?



Do you have an alternative name for a "siring" tree . . . not sure what that is?

27 Nov, 2013


Yes me too. I've been trying everywhere on the internet to find it but nothing appears apart from someone else from SA who said it made them sneeze back in 2007!

27 Nov, 2013


Like Sheila and Cam. never heard of… Do you have a latin name for?

27 Nov, 2013


i think siring refers to a temple and certain trees that grow there which are banyan trees

28 Nov, 2013


Hi, I may be wrong here, but do you mean, sering, or seringa tree?, which is a common name, {amongst many}, for Melia azedarach, {Meliaceae}, grows to about 23 metres, with r4eddish brown, smooth bark, serrated dark green glossy leaves, which turn yellow in autumn, if so, then the leaves , bark, flowers and ripe fruit, are all poisonous.
They are not a native of south africa, but of Asia, this particular species is spread by birds which are unaffected by the berries, hope this helps, Derek.

28 Nov, 2013

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