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Geranium Wallich***? 'Sylvia's Surprise.'
I've somehow remembered the name, having lost the label already!
I bought this earlier this autumn. It is still in its pot on the terrace. Any advice on position--sun or shade- and what I can expect? Will it be invasive, sprawling or compact? Will it be ok in a plastic pot outside until the spring or should I plant it now? Thank you.



Wow. Where from?
I know the Sylvia after whom this plant is named. We have a piece of it in the garden from her.
Likes the same sort of conditions as all the other G. wallichianum types. ie dappled shade to full sun, in reasonably well drained soil. It is not that robust or at least ours is not.
I would plant it out, but would last til spring in a pot. Do not let the roots freeze if you do decide to wait.
She will be so thrilled!

28 Nov, 2013


I've got it, too, owdboggy - it's the last one I got this year, and I don't think it is as robust as others, but it's very pretty. So please do tell the 'real' Sylvia! :-))

29 Nov, 2013


Well, Owdboggy, I got it from a 'Wyevales' nursery. It's an umbrella name for garden centres at Pulborough and Findon and several others, so maybe it is available in all. Fancy you knowing who Sylvia is! I bought it to plant in a very narrow 12" border between drive and fence, facing northeast, but I'm wondering whether it will sprawl too much over the drive in which case I'll put it somewhere else. I suppose I could just try it and see what happens. Thanks for replies.

29 Nov, 2013


I only asked as for a long time it seemed to be only on sale in the USA. It went to Bressingham's a long time ago for assessment and micropropping. We were wondering if it ever would get into cultivation.

29 Nov, 2013


Well, I think the flowers are lovely. I can't see why it wouldn't be accepted, but then I have no idea of the criteria for selection. Just off to look up micropropping!

29 Nov, 2013

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