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How do I plant privet and what do I need to help them grow



Dig a hole, put the roots in, cover the roots with soil, firm well with your boots, water in, keep watered for the first year in dry spells until established, prune/cut when at required height.

Can't really do much wrong with privet really....just make sure they're kept watered when dry in spring and summer and you'll be fine

1 Dec, 2013


Just remember they are gross feeders, means they are greedy, so you won't find it easy to grow anything near the hedge.

1 Dec, 2013


What length of hedging are you planting and where?
What about something instead of privet - spirea, forsythia, lilac - all have (visible) flowers. Box or Lonicera nitida if you must have a wall of green. Mixed native hedging - hawthorn, dogwood, hazel - to attract wildlife.

Nothing will ever convince me that privet is a good idea.

1 Dec, 2013


Agree Urbanite - the best thing we ever did in this garden was to remove the privet hedge; we instantly gained a metre of ground and are much happier without.

1 Dec, 2013


I bet you remembered to improve the ground MG. I forgot, and then wondered why nothing lived very long there! Doh.

2 Dec, 2013


We did remember Stera though we never removed the roots, himself painted them with the root rotting stuff and we never had a problem.

2 Dec, 2013

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