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By Myron

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Solar powered butterflies... Has anybody come across these? I found some in a pound shop and bought a load of them to spread amongst flowers and bushes. They are really pacifying to watch fluttering around and keep my cats amused too. They work of solar energy so don't cost anything to run and cost about £5 for three.

Check out a demonstration at:



I can see why your cats would love that, Myron. I reckon my grandson would be pretty fascinated, too!

1 Dec, 2013


They've been in garden centres for the past couple of summers, Myron. I remember seeing some the last time I took my mother to Trentham Gardens (and it's over 2 years since she died). They were considerably more than £5 though (each - let alone for 3).

ps - real butterflies are solar powered as well!

1 Dec, 2013


Just seen this Myron.....yes I bought two last summer, they look really lifelike too fluttering away, I placed mine in pots they were a great talking point too. BTW I paid £6 each, so yours were a great buy!

22 Jan, 2014


look on eBay or Amazon... Really cheap. I'm going to order a few dozen more soon, mostly to give away to friends and nieghbours who have seen them and been mesmerized by them.

22 Jan, 2014


Thanks yes, I'm off to have a look now!

23 Jan, 2014


Have just seen this and I too will have a look on Amazon. I've also made a note of the 'Ad-aware' info you gave to Derekm.

9 Mar, 2014

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