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By Snake

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I went to my local garden centre. mini plug plants on display. They are expensive £1.00 per plant ! Is it just me being stingy ?.



No you're not stingy. That sounds like a rip off to me. What type of plants were they? I remember getting a whole plug tray full of geraniums (perlargoniums) a few years ago for just a couple of pounds.
Try a different garden centre or mail order.

7 Mar, 2010


There are plenty of firms doing mail order - look at Dobie's, Mr Fothergill, T&M, Suttons and Jersey Direct. They'll be a lot cheaper. You can get to them via the 'Garden Centre' tab at the top right of this page, and compare prices, too.

7 Mar, 2010


Thanks Bertiefox, i thought they was expensive. The mini plug plants are verbena`s,although the favorites are also at the same price.I have now brought a packet of verbena seeds for £1.99 for 150. I do use T&M,and Suttons for majority of plants.

7 Mar, 2010


Thanks Spiritzhenry. I do use T & M and Suttons for majority of my plants.

7 Mar, 2010


Most will probably die unless you have a heated greenhouse to put them in! This means more profits for the G Centre when you go back for more! Mail order mini plugs may be a better deal, but only if you can protect them, it's still early for bedding plants.

8 Mar, 2010


Thanks for your reply. I do have a small heated green house so i can bring on mini plugs and start seeds.

8 Mar, 2010

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