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best plants for small north facing front garden



Not sure what you mean by plants. Ivy will grow well. By using them I know Bizzie Lizzie will brave shade and bloom pretty well. Camellia will do OK away from the morning sun. Spireas do very well in my front garden,which gets no sun after 11am. You can go on the internet and look at shade loving plants and those that do not mind some shade......hope this helps.

8 Mar, 2010


Large-leaved Fatsia japonica, Bergenias, Hostas, hardy Fuchsias, ferns, Hellebores, Dicentras, Begonias and bizzy Lizzy for summer bedding. Ther's lots to choose from. Also, grasses and some spring bulbs. Oh dear, I think you'll need a bigger garden for all my suggestions!

8 Mar, 2010


Sarcoccoca varieties will do well in that situation - evergreen, fragrant flowered small shrubs, along with Skimmia japonica and Pieris forestii (gets large but very slow growing), Euonymus fortunei varieties will provide good year round leaf colour (such as 'Green'n Gold' or 'Harlequin'). All these are evergreen, and will provide a framework to keep a small garden looking attractive - essential in a front garden, plus they're all low maintenance. Mix in some spring bulbs, primroses, Ajuga reptans and Lamium maculatum ('White Nancy' for instance) for ground cover and early flowers, top up with a few busy lizzy or pansies for summer colour around and about the shrub planting.

8 Mar, 2010

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