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Hi! When we moved into our house 2 years ago my (now) husband presented me with two holly bushes - Blue Prince and Blue Princess - which we planted in front of our house; they're doing great! Today I purchased two Argentea Marginatas, mostly because they were so beautiful and will look great potted in front of the house until I can plant them near the other holly plants in the spring. Unfortunately the place where I purchased these is only selling the female holly plant. So my question is, do I need to find the male version of this specific holly to polinate the female? Or will the Blue Prince do the job? Thanks! Patricia

On plant Argentea Marginata



They are all Ilex aquifolium varieties, Patricia, so the one male will pollinate all the females. You will get berries on them all but the resultant seedlings will not come true. The seedlings are likely to grow like weeds anyway so probably not a problem!

1 Dec, 2013


yes I agree and I have not a male tree in my garden. So there must be a male nearby to give me the berries.
So dont worry Pbutler you'll still get berries.

4 Dec, 2013


'Blue Prince' is a hybrid (I. x meservae), but it should still pollinate the I. aquifolium varieties.

5 Dec, 2013

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