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morning..... i bought raspberry bushes off internet (this summer has been their second year and the stems did not produce fruit ( summer fruiting variety) . i'm not quite sure therefore what is old as opposed to new growth. so want an abundance of fruit next summer but not sure about pruning now it crucial to keep lengthy new growth or should i just prune all back?

i also have 'honey berry ' and no idea how to prune!
i have 1 3 year old blueberry bush that also has no fruit virtually.
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Hi Tcosy and welcome to GoY, regarding the raspberries when you planted the canes last year did you cut the existing canes right down? If so all you have is the canes that grew this year and will fruit next year. Trim them to about 5 foot in height and tie them into the wires or whatever you are using to support them.

Suggest you follow the RHS advice re your honey berry

2 Dec, 2013


You will usually find that the older canes look browner and tougher than the current year's growth, which is usually still green at this time of year. At least it is in my garden.

2 Dec, 2013

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