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I need to cut back and lift a climbing rose so I can move the shed. It's been in the ground 3 years so I suspect there will be quite a lot of roots.
I've no space to heal it in temporarily and nor do I have a spare large container. I'm wondering how it would store as you would keep a bare root rose for a few weeks. I've read on the DA rose site that bare root roses that are shipped out at this time of the year should be kept frost free until they can be planted.
Thanks in advance.



I lifted a climbing rose a weeks ago as passing it on to a friend for now it's in a pot in greenhouse.
But I think I maĆ· pot temp into a pot Angie.

Can you not sqeeze into a corner till you are ready to plant again.

3 Dec, 2013


I suppose the thing would be to stop it drying out. Maybe wrapping it in bubble wrap might help. Or maybe you could put it in an empty compost bag and tie it tightly.
Just suggestions :o)

3 Dec, 2013


Give me a ring. I have plenty of spare pots you can borrow.

3 Dec, 2013


I have the rose 'Princes Trust ' in a rather small pot where the poor thing has been for several months, ever since I rescued it from being thrown in a skip. It seems to be holding its own and even bloomed quite well and I think I've almost decided where to put it!

3 Dec, 2013


If it's a temporary disturbance (days/weeks rather than months) it should be happy enough with a reasonable rootball in virtually any container - bucket, compost bag, grow bag, hessian wrap from a Christmas tree.

4 Dec, 2013


Thanks everyone - lots of options there.
The drying out is something DA Austin's website mentioned.
I've found an old zinc container round the back of the shed - that might do the job. It will all depend on the size of the rootball.
Scotsgran, thanks for the offer. I'll send you a pm.

4 Dec, 2013


I was thinking that doing a "ball & burlap" on it might also work, especially in Scotland.

5 Dec, 2013


Another option - thanks Tug. Weather dependant I'll get onto it on Monday. I'll see the size of the root ball before I make a final decision!

6 Dec, 2013

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