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poinsettia how often do you water them in house

On plant euphorbiapulcherria



i would like to say thanks but ive not had a answer yet

4 Dec, 2013


Hello and welcome to goy John.

Sorry can't help you as they don't grow well in my house.

They may not like to dry out,I am sure some else will answer your ?

4 Dec, 2013


Keep them coolish and only just moist. Realistically they are treated as 'one-off' plant that you compost come January.

4 Dec, 2013


Welcome to GoY.
I usually buy one of these each year around now and they usually keep going until about May.
My technique is to let the compost dry out, then soak the pot in aired water, to just cover the pot, for about 15mins. Drain completely before returning to their pot holder and position. They like good light, but not direct sunlight...something we don't get much of at this time of year anyway! Good luck

5 Dec, 2013


Water them from below. Never pour water over them as it will encourage diseases. Once you have watered the first time take a mental note of how heavy the pot feels. Allow the top of the compost to dry out and keep checking the weight, if it feels very light it needs to be watered. Stand it in a pot of water for a maximum of 20 minutes. Because they are hybrid plants they are not as strong as native plants. If left in the water too long the roots might start to die off. You can decant your new plant to look at the roots. You should see moist soil and plenty of white roots. If the roots are brown they are probably dead and there is no way they will survive for very long. Never buy wilting poinsettas. They are on the way out. Keep them away from draughts and wild fluctuation in temperature. They like a temperature of 16-24degs. The lower figure being the drop once the heating goes off.

6 Dec, 2013

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