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How and when is the best time to sow primula japonica candelabra seeds Regards trevor

Avon, United Kingdom Gb

How and when is the best time to sow primula japonica candelabra seeds
Regards trevor. And carol

On plant Primula japonica candelabra in the southwest of uk



I would sow the now, Trevor. and Carol. Sow in pots and leave them outdoors so that they benefit from getting frozen (you do do freezing weather in winter, don't you?) and then thawing. They should germinate next spring.

6 Dec, 2013


Thanks for your reply,we do get frosts. I shall give it a try.
Thanks again ,

7 Dec, 2013


I agree sow now and leave outside. they should germinate freely.

7 Dec, 2013


Thanks again for the replies. ALSO can you tell me, it says on the packet , SOW on the surface , would it be ok to put a thin layer of gravel on top of the seed as it is going to be left outside to be frosted?

8 Dec, 2013


Yes Trevor, I sow such seed on the surface of the compost then cover with a thin layer of gravel. The main reason for this is to prevent the seed getting washed away in a rain storm but it also helps to delay the onset of moss and lichen growth.

8 Dec, 2013


I often put the gravel on first and then sow the seeds on that and allow the watering to pull the seeds down into the gravel.But it is not really necessary except for dust like seeds.

8 Dec, 2013


That's great, thanks for your answers ,they have been very helpful.

8 Dec, 2013


I do the same as Owdboggy for 'dust like' seeds such as Saxifrages. But I then keep these pots in a covered location because heavy rain could easily wash the seeds out. I also use a finer grit (from seived coarse sand) than the 6mm I normally use.

8 Dec, 2013

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