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will moving a 3 year old hardy fuchsia in spring, do any harm?

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No, as long as you keep the rootball intact and don't break too many major roots, it'll be fine - water well in its new position after planting though. I'd be inclined to do it as quickly as possible, before major growth starts, so now, really.

8 Mar, 2010


I moved one yesterday into a bigger hole with compost added. It was still dormant so I am hopin it wont have noticed.

8 Mar, 2010


To Bamboo- Thanks for the great imformation. I was reading somewhere that hardy fuchsias hate being moved. It is now being squeezed out by larger and permanent shrubs! I will attempt to move it this week-will keep in touch and let you know how things go! Thanks again.

9 Mar, 2010

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