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Hi I had got a box of wild flowers seads and put them in a boarder this summer they did very well but now seem
to be straggley and very wind beaten now. what I would like to know is can I cut them down to ground level and will they grow back of I do



Hi Michael and welcome to GoY. Without knowing what wild flowers you sowed it is difficult to give you an answer. If they were perennials the, yes, cut them back and they will grow again next year. I f they were annuals then you need to remove them altogether they 'should' have seeded and will grow again next year but may not.

8 Dec, 2013


I agree with Moongrower. take down the dead growth and if seeds have formed and fallen they will germinate for you next year.

8 Dec, 2013


oh thank you I think they are perennials am not an expert lol they are corn flowers and poppys and other yellow ones some still have flowers on them feel a little sad to cut them down know they may come up again in the spring ah well that's winter for us thank you. moon growe and seaburngirl got a job to do on Monday. have a nice Christmas and great new year

8 Dec, 2013


Cornflowers (Centaurea cyan's) are annuals but should have dropped plenty of seed. I would suspect your poppy is the field poppy (Papaver rheas) this is also an annual but will have dropped lots of seed. The 'yellow one' could be many things but is also likely to be an annual. Just remember where you sowed them this year so that you don't pull them up as weeds next spring. MG

8 Dec, 2013

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