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ibought a collection of gerbera garvinea should I over winter them for the best way to keep them or could they stay in ground covered in gravel over top of them i live in Gloucester what should they be kept to over winter



Hi, this species are supposed to be hardy down to minus 5 deg c, if it gets any colder than that in Gloucester, then I would overwinter them in a greenhouse kept frost free, Derek.

8 Dec, 2013


thank you, we have a slight frost and leaves are rotting and started going black should I still lift and store thanks again.

9 Dec, 2013


Slight frost is okay, but I'm pretty sure, in properly cold spells, overnight temperatures where you are are likely to be under -5 deg C, so yes, I'd lift, pot up and keep them somewhere frost free - a frost free greenhouse would be best, or a conservatory, if not, a cool windowsill in the house (but don't leave them on the windowsill on cold nights behind closed curtains, that's a very cold place to be). If we have a mild winter, then they should be fine, but who knows what will come after Christmas...

9 Dec, 2013

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