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How do I begin to tame & restructure a garden based on Portland atone that's only about a foot below the soil?... He-elp!



Hi Bee,
What do you have growing at the moment that needs taming?
It's often a good place to start with what's already there - deciding what you want to keep or get rid of.

Does the stone go over the whole site? That will limit you growing most trees but you might be able to grow some reasonable shrubs even in a foot of soil, or you could build raised beds to give extra depth.

Check out the RHS site for lists of plants for chalky or limestone soils - you won't be growing rhodedendron (no bad thing, in my view), but you could have lavender, honeysuckle and jasmine (for starters).

9 Dec, 2013


ps to the above - well worth checking the pH of your soil before buying any plants.

10 Dec, 2013


Many thanks for your help, Urbanite :o)
Since I'm an absolute beginner, your addition about checking the soil pH was extra helpful. Just the kind of advice I need. Real basic stuff 'for Dummies'.
Thanks again. :o)

12 Dec, 2013


A lot of native flowers like chalk - think of the South Downs. Try an Internet search for 'plants for chalk' or 'plants for limestone' (limestone will probably give more plants suited to rockery setting).
Good luck with it.

12 Dec, 2013

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