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What is this houseplant?


By Golda

A friend kindly gave me this plant which belonged to her late mother, but does not know the name. Can anyone help please? I want to look after it properly. Thanks




I think it is a Streptocarpus, but cannot help with growing conditions as we do not grow houseplants.

18 Sep, 2007


I'm just behind you Owdboggy! I will go with Streptocarpus too... if you want to know some more about care I can look it up for you.

18 Sep, 2007


Yes, a Streptocarpus...needs moist air, bright light but not direct sun, freedom from draughts. You can propagate from leaf cuttings in summer and grow more!

18 Sep, 2007


Thank you Owdboggy, joey and spritzhenry, your answers have been a great help. Golda

19 Sep, 2007

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