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This year something took bites from the leaves of my pea vines, they had scalloped edges. I replanted and the same thing happened. They didn't grow properly neither did they produce any peas.
I had two rows of a variety of Chinese cabbage, every single seedling nipped right off.
Nothing else damaged after that until summer when I planted out some lettuce plants which I had grown in flats. We plant an enormous vegetable garden but nothing else was touched.



Hi Stranger. Long time since I have seen you on here :o) It's nice to hear from you again.
Have you a picture you could add if you have taken one that is as it would help :o)

11 Dec, 2013


Cabbage - could be slugs, mice or birds. Most likely slugs for the lettuce. Peas - hard to say - first thought was vine weevil if the holes are uneven and leaf cutting bees if they are perfectly circular.

12 Dec, 2013


Lady EssexThanks for the response to my question.
Alas I didn't take a photo of the peas, I will next year.

Steragram, I shall look into the leaf cutting bees, thanks. We have houses for Mason Bees and keep honey bees and have many plants to attract them and beneficials. We also have an abundance of voles.
Thank you.

12 Dec, 2013

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