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Will leader shoot grow back from Goldcrest Cupressus confifer?

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Will leader shoot grow back from Goldcrest Cupressus conifer?

One of my Goldcrest Cupressus conifers that is about 3ft tall, had its leader slightly bent and turned brown. I am not sure what caused it as the rest of the tree is fine. It is in the ground.

Today I was gently moving my hand against the branch needles and the leader that is 14cm snapped off. It was already dead I think.

I want this tree to reach full height. Will losing its leader at this stage have an inpact on its final height, if so how much? Will it grow a new leader or just grow outwards like a bush?

This variety should grow up to 15m

Tendring_20131212_00031 Tendring_20131212_00032



it will develop new lead shoots, probably 2, let them develop chose the strongest and nip off the other one. it will then grow away.

12 Dec, 2013


Ok. That's good news. Thanks

12 Dec, 2013

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