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I had small green caterpillars onthe leaves of my 4 yd apple trees eating holes in the leaves

Avon, United Kingdom Gb

I had small green caterpillars on the leaves of my 4 year old apple trees eating holes in the leaves , can anybody tell me what they are? I have greased banded the trees and the stakes will this stop the caterpillars next year



It's probably the winter moth caterpillar. You have done the right thing in greasing the tree as this should prevent the females from laying their eggs.

12 Dec, 2013


Also now is the right time of year to spray with Winter Wash. Expensive stuff, but a bottle will do a fair number of trees. This is a naturally produced horticultural soap which kills off over wintering nasties in the bark of fruit trees. We try to do ours now and again in February.
Watch out for the wind though, got a face full when a gust of wind came from nowhere. Hurrah for eye protection!

13 Dec, 2013


At least you'll be free from pests!

14 Dec, 2013


No flies on me!

14 Dec, 2013


Thank you for your help,

I have some Murphy mortgage ( old) winter wash so I will wait for a still day and give them a spray.

14 Dec, 2013


And I cannot spell it should read

14 Dec, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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