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Hi folks, just a thought, once i've moved my fuchsia, should i feed it straight away or wait till it shows signs of life?



I personally would leave feeding until new growth. Otherwise it may encourage the plant to put on new growth before its established in its new home. Snake

9 Mar, 2010


I think i'd work differently, i think i'd move it in the warmer spring months, transplanting it 'by the book' and feed it immediately ..... i'm no expert though.

9 Mar, 2010


I disagree Louise, but then Tiger already knows that from a previous question. Move it immediately, as said earlier, but don't feed till late March/ early April, if for no other reason than it'll be wasted as the plant's not growing currently anyway.

9 Mar, 2010


Ah, thanks Bamboo.

10 Mar, 2010


Nice of you to thank me for disagreeing, Louise, lol! No, I figure if its moved now, and carefully, it won't even notice its been moved as its still mostly "asleep".

10 Mar, 2010


I 'do' thank you for disagreeing !
If folks don't speak up, we/others can't learn :-)

(good job i don't like fuschias or i'd have killed it if it was me !!!)

10 Mar, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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