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Growing African Blackwood tree from Seed?

I have purchased 50 Dalbergia melanoxylon, African Blackwood seeds.

I am in East Coast UK. Zone 8.

I tried to look for a care guide, but could not find much.

Did find a germination guide. It suggested that I sew seeds in a container at 25c in sand. It also suggest that I score (scratch) the seeds to allow them to sprout.

I can't find its zone hardiness, but did read about someone growing them and mentioning they were killed by a frost.

I plan to treat them like my citrus trees. Indoors in winter. Since they are so slow growing, I won't need to worry about them reaching over 2m for a while I guess.

I don't plan to bonzai them rather re-pot when required.

So just looking for tips on germination and after care. Also what is the germination rate like? I have grown several giant and coast redwoods from seed and they have a low germination rate. So just wondering how many seedling I will get from 50 seeds?




Apparently, having cheated and researched a bit, it geminates easily, and is tolerant of a wide range of conditions, semi-arid to tropical! Prefers a light canopy of trees under which to grow successfully, but not heavy shade, and you're right, it isn't at all hardy, growing in 18 - 35 deg. C. There was a full article on its propagation, cultivation and management on Google.

14 Dec, 2013



14 Dec, 2013


how are your African Blackwood go? i am interested to come to see them. I am in London. Where do you live?

11 Dec, 2019

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