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What conifer is this?

I got it from an relative in a small pot about one year ago. I put it into a decent 50 litre pot and it has grown since then.

I don't know how old it is. Since the relative of relative says that a friend gave them it a year before that.

I am just wondering if someone can identify what it is from photo.

I'd like to know if its worth planting out in future if it will grow to a decent height.

This tree has been through a really tough time in the past. When I got it, it was almost dead and heavily root bound. So want to give it a fighting chance, but would really like to know roughly what height I am looking at.

Tendring_20131213_00033 Tendring_20131213_00034



Very difficult to tell with conifers. I would say that it was a Lawson's Cypress (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana) of some description but very hard to tell which. it could be 'Elwoodii' but doesn't look dwarf (slow growing) enough for that. It could also be 'Fletcheri' but not sure.

I would monitor how much growth it puts on next year. If it grows 6", you're going to know roughly how big it'll be in 10 years.

One thing, conifers hate being dried out so be careful of that if it's in a pot.

13 Dec, 2013


Yes -looks like one of the vigorous tall ones anyway.

13 Dec, 2013


If it's as old as you say, then I suspect it's a Ch. laws. cultivar, and I agree that 'Fletcheri' is likely. 'Ellwoodii' will make a few inches a year and will ultimately reach 30ft or more, despite being labelled as a dwarf, and it does tend to grow out of its compact habit. 'Fletcheri' is naturally of more open growth and will attain a height of 50ft or so.
For info. 'Ellwoodii' originated as a 'sport' of 'Fletcheri', at Swanmore Park in 1929, identified and propagated by Bill Ellwood, the head gardener at the house.

14 Dec, 2013



14 Dec, 2013

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