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Can I prune this Jade plant right back it's thin and all the leaves are falling off and I think it's been over watered




I would cut the leggy bits off. I would also re-pot it and put it somewhere light (not in direct sun)
When re-potting it, use a well drained compost. You can mix some grit into it.
Also I would use a clay pot. Plastic pots seem to keep the compost damp, and a Jade plant doesn't like that. It comes from arid areas.
Good luck. I hope your plant grows into a nice specimen for you :o)

13 Dec, 2013


I agree with Hywel..follow his advice,and cut the leggy bits off.It will regenerate eventually..keep on the dry side over winter..overwatering will be the death of it ..good luck from me too :o)

13 Dec, 2013


I agree too with the good advise given above. When you cut your plant back you could use these as cuttings to grow more plants... Just stick them in damp compost, they root easily.

13 Dec, 2013


I'm just waiting for the buds to open on mine..they seem to take ages to bloom..only small white ones,but very nice :o)

14 Dec, 2013


I grew mine into a small tree. Cut off all side branches as close to the trunk as possible but leave a canopy shape at the top.Cut back the top growth by half Re-pot to a pot two to three times bigger than the one in the picture using a free draining compost, but don't over water it, just enough to dampen the compost. They look really natural trained this way, mine is about two foot high from the top of the pot with a trunk diameter of about 3 to four inches. But of course its your choice, you may hate Jades trained into trees.

14 Dec, 2013


I have a huge one that lives outside all summer, it always loses a lot of leaves when I have to bring in back inside but soon recovers, have had it for over 20yrs....

16 Dec, 2013

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