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Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

last year i bought some bark for my garden and with in a few weeks there wer hundreds of spiders hiden in it. ive tried to research to find out what they are and they look to be either wolf spiders or bark sac spiders. i thought that winter would kill them off but they are reappearing again. any suggestions on how to get rid of them i can handle the odd spider in my garden but not as many as im getting

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The spiders will do no harm in your garden and will keep catch other bugs that are not so welcome. I'd just leave them alone.

10 Mar, 2010


Lincolnshire (especially near the coast) was inundated with spiders last year and they all appeared at once. The only natural way they will go is by being eaten by their natural predators ie: birds.
As a arachnophobic myself I can sympathise with you.

10 Mar, 2010

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